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Sunday, December 25, 2016

December 2016 - Update

Merry Christmas; Happy Holidays!

Here it is, the end of 2016 almost, and about the most I can say regarding "freelance writing" right now is that I have not been engaged in very much of it myself, unless we want to consider maintaining my own blog(s) as something akin to 'freelancing'.

Mostly, I've been posting multiple paged articles at my "Just Saying My Piece!" blog, where I ramble about various trending topics and issues and offer my personal slant on them, and sometimes even offer my ideas and thoughts for solutions to some things.

I have also updated "MY LIST", highlighting in red those sites which appear to have become 'defunct', and in yellow those sites which are relatively 'new' to MY LIST. 

While some of these sites might be considered "content mills", I think many of them are seeking to build quality content collections in efforts to grab their 'share of the market', as it were, and many of them appear to be 'established', though sometimes that's tough to tell.

That said, I still recommend researching these sites and finding out for yourself if some of them might be a good fit for your particular goals.
Keep plugging!  

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