Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's Been A While!

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Wow! Time does fly when you're havin' fun, doesn't it?  Ok, so I'm not havin' THAT much fun, but I try to make every day as "fun as possible" one way or another.

That said, I thought it way past time for me to update this blog, since my last post was in February (yes, this year!).  I have not been so actively engaged in too much further research into the writing opportunities out there lately; mostly because I haven't been doing much writing for other sites myself lately.

Instead, I've been trying to build up my own "web presence" with more of my own blogs; various topics, various strategies (seriously?), various everything, I guess.  I'm 'learning-as-I-go', pretty much, so it can be a slow process.

Anyway, I hope to get back into MY LIST pretty soon, to update that, since I have not done it in some time.  The way things like this go, some of the content-seeking-sites make it and some do not; so it needs updating, for sure.

Meanwhile, you can still use MY LIST for a 'launching pad'; just keep in mind that some things in the list might be out of date and even 'web page not found' category, y'know?
Just sayin'...

Best of luck; let me know in the 'comments' how things go, if you want.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Am Not Impressed!

Well, it's been a couple months now, and I've been keeping an eye on how my five articles are doing at ArticleDocument.  I can't say I'm very impressed, however.  At first, it looked like some revenue might be streaming in somewhat 'steadily', even if not a lot.  At least that way, I'd expect "the more content, the more revenue" might apply, y'know?

Unfortunately, it might be that the sites are not getting enough traffic to generate much revenue.  If so, there's little I can do, other than try promoting my articles on social media sites and other places (blogs, etc.).

So, for now, I'm still watching...time alone will tell, I guess, but I must admit, I'm just a bit disappointed in what has happened thus far.  I'm just sayin'...

By the way...I've also added a few more sites to 'MY LIST'.  Use the link in the sidebar to view in a new page, or scroll down on this page to find another MY LIST location.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thought I'd try a quick update for my Earn Money Online! blog, to bring some attention to one "new" site (for me) that I have begun submitting some fresh content to.  The site is called "Article Document", and it is a 'revenue-sharing' site.  They pay through PayPal on a monthly schedule after reaching a $10 balance, according to their "Terms" and FAQ's.   So far, I have submitted only five articles, and according to the site's member interface data, small earnings are beginning to tick up slowly, as my content has been "accepted" and used by other sites for publication.

It's very early in the game with this site, so I don't know yet what will happen...but I wanted to keep close watch to see if it proves to be something 'special', if you know what I mean.  I hope to update on this Article Document site (and others) frequently enough to demonstrate to my 'fans' (all two of them! - kiiidddddiinng!) what to expect if they choose to follow me there, y'know?  Hopefully, I won't have to report any BAD news!

I'm just sayin'...


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've continued my research into more sites seeking freelance content submissions, and I've added several new finds to

I'm using a new process for keeping MY LIST up to date here on my Earn Money Online! blog, by embedding my spreadsheet file available right on the page.  

As I find new sites and enter them into my spreadsheet, MY LIST will update automatically...

If I learn any new, negative information about any of the sites in MY LIST, I will do my best to note those findings in this blog, by highlighting the list entry (RED) and adding a comment (below spreadsheet frame) to explain.  

If you see any site listings highlighted as such, use discretion and pay close attention to details during your own research into those sites.
Come back often!  

Remember to read and understand all the Terms (etc.) for each site, so you'll know for yourself how they operate.

Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Well, Thanksgiving went well.  Nice to have friends and family visits.  Now that it's over, it's back to the blogging and other online endeavors.  I've been trying to keep up my "Just Saying My Piece" blog as well as a few other things, but thought I needed to get back here for a brief update.

I cannot say I've been doing a lot of article writing lately, though I have submitted a few.  I have also been toying some lately with, where I offer some minor 'digital content' services for $5 (each).  It's a lot of fun, though it's not a 'get-rich' system.  

I've also had a stab at, where I submitted some ideas for inventions I've thought of over the years.  None of mine drew enough attention from the 'Quirky Community', and they've all lapsed into the archives now.  It was fun, and I still participate there sometimes (Quirky pays small amounts for participation and 'influence', too).  It's a great site to learn about some new (and often very clever) ideas for products that might be coming out some day soon. 

I have not done very much to update "My List" (scroll down to view), so that remains a work-in-progress.  I've shared it with a number of my LinkedIn network (and others), to help them get going in freelancing.  Not that I'm any kind of 'expert', but I do know how to find information, and that's what "My List" really is all about.

I've also been pretty busy uploading some of my original music compositions to my new Google Play Store.  My music is not what I'd call 'traditional' or even 'normal''s more 'one-of-a-kind' stuff, y'know?  I created most of what I've uploaded many years ago, and had recorded it using some basic home equipment.  In order to upload it, I had to convert it to digital format (MP3, wav, etc.).  That takes time, unfortunately.  But, I did manage to upload quite a few songs.  Who knows, right?  It's a big world out there...someone might even like my stuff enough to download (and pay for) some of it!   
I'm just sayin'...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Updated September 1, 2012
I've been getting some recent requests for "my list" of online writing sites that I've been using, or at least have been checking into with the intent to use, for submitting articles, graphic designs, and other "digital content"...for revenue (in most cases). So, I decided I would post the list here.  Of course, it's a 'dynamic' list, so it is always 'subject-to-change'.
I've been playing the online writing game since I retired from Corporate America at the end of '06...I've written for many article submission sites as well as through some of the freelancing sites; and I'm continuously on the lookout for new opportunities.

My "current" list includes some sites that I have submitted written content or bids with, as well as some I have not yet submitted any content or bids with, but feel they are worth further review. I cannot say for certain that every site on any of the lists is completely "credible" at this juncture, since the list is simply a copy of my own "work-in-progress" list, so some of the information needed to ascertain any site's credibility is still un-vetted. Also, you might see some duplicate links in the lists at this site.

These are sites that I have at least "looked into", and ones that I feel are worth further investigation and/or further commitment. Some, I have simply become a 'free member' with and have not yet submitted any content. Some, I have submitted some content with but have not yet reached 'payout' levels. Some, I have submitted content with and have actually been paid revenues.

Here's my "current list"
Updated 9/1/12
(Scroll down for earlier lists)

Yahoo Contributor

For more information and commentary about some of these (and some other) sites, please visit the following links:

Freelancing And More - Writing Site Reviews
Freelancing And More - Social Media Reviews

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Well, here it is, nearing the end of January 2012, and I notice it's been too long again that I did very much real updating here.  Very real acceptable excuses...just been getting busy with too many other things.  Other sites, articles, my zazzle store (, and a few other things too.

I have discovered a few more article submission sites that I've signed up with, and I've submitted a few articles with some of them.  The freelance writing gig is still in quite a "lull" for me, with regard to getting enough pay to justify the time and effort needed for quality research and writing.  Too many freelancers living in less costly places who can work for less per unit rates are, in many ways, changing the online writing dynamics.

On the flip-side of that, there is also a very real move afoot by some of  the mighty powers behind the Internet (Google, et al.) to demand top-quality content that has proven its merits based on high-falootin' algorithms and web wizadry that these biggies use for operating the Internet at large.

Anyway, I'll leave some links to those article submission sites I mentioned; hav-a-look!  Hope some of them can be of value to some of you.    Good luck!

Interact Media

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Computer and Internet Q & A

Do you have Computer or Internet questions? Try this HubPages site. Ask your question, get your answer!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November, 2010 Update!

Once again, it has been a while for me getting back to this site for updates.  My apologies for that.  Not that I had anything earth-shattering going on, know, gotta keep up with these things better, that's all.

So, not a great deal of news in the "Earning Money Online" scenario.  I am earning some income from some of my writing endeavors, but that game seems to be changing; and not necessarily in writers' favor.  I continue to research for new start-up writing sites, though I have not signed up with any recently.  The sites I linked to in my previous post are slowly showing signs of life, though it is still too soon to tell how they'll work out.

I've also begun much more social-networking, via Twitter, Facebook, Google, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, and others.  There, I promote my sites and articles, and other online items like my store, and my CafePress store, and others.  I've learned that the key to Earning Money Online is really just in getting the necessary traffic and web exposure needed to turn the revenue-wheel.  Of course, I'm learning the hard way; through trial and error (lots of error!), so I play it slow and easy and don't take any dumb chances if I can help it.
Wishing all a great holiday season, and superb and profitable New Year!

P.S. ("Please See"): "is the most complete guide to information about Self -Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web."

The Online Self Improvement and Self Help Encyclopedia

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer 2010 Update!

June, 2010
It has been a year since my last update.  Wow, how time flies!  My apologies for not getting back here sooner.
I am still searching and evaluating opportunities for earning money online.  As time goes on, it becomes clearer to me that I might have found (at least looked at) just about everything available on that subject.

I've looked at the surveys, the PTR e-mails, the PTC advertisements, the paid game sites, the blog posting offers.  I've also looked at the article submission sites.  In fact, I now submit articles to several new sites, which I am providing links for at the end of this post.  Some of these sites are new to me, and I have only submitted a few articles at some of them; so I cannot yet tell how lucrative (or not) they are.

Some of the article submission sites I have been with for several years are beginning to change their criteria for submissions, and are also changing their payment strategies.  Seems that many web writers are literally 'working-for-nothing' these days, as the sites modify their payout formulas.  Not sure the sites are doing it because they have to rein in to cover their costs; or if they are doing it because they are just getting more greedy.  I hope it is the former.

Here are some links to some article submission sites I have recently joined (some of which I have submitted articles to).

Note:  Placing these links does not mean I am recommending that others necessarily join or sign up at the sites.  I cannot assume responsibility for any results (or lack of) associated with these links.  Read the respective site Terms, Conditions, and other guidelines and operational information.  These links are not affiliate links.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Earn Money Online!

July 19, 2009
Not very much new about ways to Earn Money Online. I have been busy working on some websites and submitting my own articles to some of the writing sites. I am still learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and all that web stuff. It is certainly an interesting journey and learning experience. Who knew?

I'm also working on building up networking through sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and others. Generally, members are encouraged to post links in their profiles and other appropriate places; which can draw visitor traffic. I am currently engaged in trying to learn as much as I can about Google Adsense and other similar applications for increasing website earnings.

If you're looking for ways to earn money online, the links remaining at this site will connect you to a few opportunities that I have found are part of the cream of the crop in their particular venues.
As usual, none of these links will make you rich very quickly; but they can provide some extra income, if you're willing to put in some time and effort.

There are a lot of scams out there! So far, I've been fortunate (I think!), but be careful!

Get Paid To sites:
Note: Although I did sign up and try some of these GPT sites, I cannot recommend all of them as a means to earn any appreciable extra income online; except for some of the Get Paid To Write sites, where it IS very possible to earn extra cash; as long as you can carry out some basic online research, and you can write a few well-written, organized, concise, friendly, and informative paragraphs to explain your research.

GPT Read Emails, Take Surveys, Complete Offers sites:
SendEarnings - this site seems legitimate enough, but the pay is in "nano-pennies" (less than one cent each); basically, for reading advertising.
Minimum payout $40 - see their 'terms'; click HERE.

InboxDollars - also seems legitimate (and, I believe, in 'partnership' with Send Earnings); the pay here is also in "nano-pennies".
Minimum payout $30 - see their terms; click HERE.

GPT Write Sites:
If you like to write articles, poetry, short stories, etc.; or, if you're into making instructional or 'How-To" videos, try some of these sites where you can earn some extra cash, meet folks from all over the world, and even learn many new things.

- Note: Helium has been going through some significant changes, and they have modified their payment system to where writers must maintain particular input activity and site ranking levels (among other things) in order to qualify for any payment at all. Previously, Helium paid on all content, even though payment was minimal. Minimum payout level: $25

Yahoo Contributor Network: - Prefers to purchase exclusive-rights content; pays 'performance bonus' for non-exclusive rights content.
Join the Yahoo! Contributor Network

Bukisa: - Pays based on page views and click-throughs, as well as for other (active) writers who join the site through your referrals.
Note: is fairly new, and they are still going through some 'growing pains' I think. Their payment formula is better than some of the similar sites, but visitor traffic and actual click-through levels is still getting traction I'd say. It's a good site to keep an eye on; perhaps even join up and submit some material; who knows?

Thanks for visiting! Come again soon for more updates!
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