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As I find new sites and enter them into my spreadsheet, MY LIST will update automatically.

If I learn any new, negative information about any of the sites in MY LIST, I will do my best to note those findings in this blog, by highlighting the list entry (RED) and adding a comment (in far right column) to explain.  

If you see any site listings highlighted as such, use discretion and pay close attention to details during your own research into those sites.

  Come back often!  

Remember to read and understand all the Terms (etc.) for each site, so you'll know for yourself how they operate.

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iakul said...

Hi, I had a similar idea quite a few years back and set up Iakul's List. I'm no longer actively maintaining it though. But I do know first hand about the effort required to maintain a list,and I just want to applaud your efforts.

Oh, thought you would like to know that Triond is dead. Their domain is now available, so pretty sure they are defunct.