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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Well, here it is, nearing the end of January 2012, and I notice it's been too long again that I did very much real updating here.  Very real acceptable excuses...just been getting busy with too many other things.  Other sites, articles, my zazzle store (, and a few other things too.

I have discovered a few more article submission sites that I've signed up with, and I've submitted a few articles with some of them.  The freelance writing gig is still in quite a "lull" for me, with regard to getting enough pay to justify the time and effort needed for quality research and writing.  Too many freelancers living in less costly places who can work for less per unit rates are, in many ways, changing the online writing dynamics.

On the flip-side of that, there is also a very real move afoot by some of  the mighty powers behind the Internet (Google, et al.) to demand top-quality content that has proven its merits based on high-falootin' algorithms and web wizadry that these biggies use for operating the Internet at large.

Anyway, I'll leave some links to those article submission sites I mentioned; hav-a-look!  Hope some of them can be of value to some of you.    Good luck!

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